3D Modeling  -  Illustration  -  Design

I've worn a lot of different creative hats over the years -

Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Brand Marketer, Illustrator, Photo Retoucher, Character Designer...

I've brainstormed ideas for retail displays and promotional events, created toy packaging, designed direct mail,

drawn storyboards, directed photo shoots, edited video, and participated in new business pitches.


Through it all, there has been one common denominator - and that is my love for creating "the image" - that time

in a project, when I pick up a stylus, mouse, or pencil, and start to develop the visual that will bring an idea to life.


You will see a very wide variety of work in my portfolio, because I've never pursued just one kind of job, or project, or style.

No pigeonholing here. If there's a chance for me to dive into a type of project that I've never done before - great!

I love a new challenge, and in the process, learning something new that I can add to my arsenal.


I want to work with creatives who will push me to push myself to be a better artist.

Hopefully, we can inspire each other to push boundaries, experiment, and have fun on every project.


I'm well versed in Cinema 4D, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

I've also been known to pick up a pencil and paper and do it old-school.


To discuss a project, or offer me a job :) email me at chris@crazy3dman.com.

Pssst. Just for fun, if you want to see

my secret sketchbook, click here :)